Youngsville Area News in Brief

Newest Entrepreneurs

Youngsville High School Junior Class for the week of April 8-12 participated in PA Business Week.

PA Business Week is a one-week, in-school program with a challenging curriculum that teaches students about the American economics education is not a required course of study within the public school system.

Business Week provides all participating high school students the opportunity to learn how our economic system functions and the critical role they play preserving the system. The program is designed, taught and funded by private industry with the emphasis on teamwork, organizational skills and high academic rigor.

The students were divided into management teams that “ran” their own companies through a computer simulation for the equivalent of 12 business quarters. They made managerial decisions dealing with product pricing, investing, marketing, production, research and development and human resources. Each student company is assigned a “business advisor” and an “educational advisor” to offer guidance and assistance. The week has five competitions Advertising, Stockholders, Trade Show, Return on Assets and the top Company. The experience helps students learn leadership skills, teamwork, time management, and analytical thing, problem-solving and “people” skills.

The students thank the administration, faculty and staff for the support during the week, also the sponsors that funded the program and the speakers who made the program a success. The fictitious companies included Picsol Inc., CM, Viper, Dragon Fire Studios, U-Play and Vision Plus.

The winning team received certificates of award and each student received $100 prize for “Top Company”. The winning “Company” educational advisor was Jolene Johnson and Business advisor was Bruce Williams.

Benefit for

Local Resident

Tim Dyer grew up in Youngsville, played on the football team, graduated from YHS. As an adult he chose to move back to Youngsville.

Last fall, Tim was involved a severe auto accident. A deer was struck by another car and flew through his windshield in his truck as he was on his way to work. Suffering from a heart condition, Tim became very ill when a blood infection from his injuries over took his body causing him to be hospitalized in the ICU for 39 days.

On Saturday, April 20, there will be a chicken and biscuit dinner benefit for Tim. It will be held at the St. Francis Episcopal Church on Main Street from 4 to 7 p.m.

Menu consist of chicken and biscuit, mashed potatoes, applesauce, and dessert. Donations will be accepted and may be sent to the Tim Dyer Fund, c/o Dyer Family, 1425 York Hill Rd., Pittsfield, PA 16340.

Love INC

Love In the Name of Christ annual meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 18, at Sugar Grove United Methodist Church.

Everyone is welcome for this special evening. Guest speakers are Bill Stumpf and Debbie Miller of the Titusville Love INC.

Love In the Name of Christ of the Brokenstraw Valley also announced that Pamela Clark of Sugar Grove has accepted the position of executive director.

Pamela is a graduate of Case Western Reserve with a master in social science administration and is a licensed social worker.

Class Lunch

The YHS Class of ’64 class lunch will be Tuesday, April 23 at 12:30 p.m. at the Youngsville American Legion. Questions, contact Fred Peters, 563-9493.

Last Day to Enroll

Farm professionals who handle, process, or merchandise fresh market produce for sale via CSA, Farmers Markets, Farm Markets and Farm Stands will want to participate in PennState Extension’s Retail Farm Market School, offered this April in Erie and Warren counties.

This six-hour workshop provides employees with knowledge and skills for responding to preserving product quality and serving customer needs. Topics include: Produce Handling, Produce Quality, Produce Merchandising, Customer Service, Sanitation, and Fresh Cut Produce.

This program provides a basic understanding of produce science, which will help employees understand and be responsive to consumer needs. Additionally, program participants will be able to provide the highest level of friendly, helpful and skilled service. The course is valuable for anyone who handles, processes, or merchandises fresh market produce. This day-long session includes several educational delivery methods including professionally produced video segments, take-home text, post-harvest handling references, group discussions, hands-on activities and a certification quiz.

It will be held on April 24 at Warren County’s Penn State Extension Office. The cost is $45 payable via check or credit card.

Pre-registration is required. Remit payment to Heather Mikulas, Penn State Extension -Allegheny County, 400 North Lexington St, Pittsburgh, PA 15208, or call 412-473-2540.

Amateur Comedy Night

Amateur Comedy Night is scheduled for Saturday, April 20 at Garland Community Center, 204 Extension Rd., Garland, from 6 to 9 p.m. with free admission.

Comedians wanted, no entry fee, cash and prizes.

Vote for your favorite comedian by placing a donation in their can.

Food and refreshments available.

No children under age13; teens permitted if accompanied by a parent/ guardian. For information, call Cheryl 563-4374.

Fine Art and Wine


The poet wrote, “A jug of wine, a loaf of bread, and thou” illustrating that some things naturally go together. Nothing goes together better than fine art and fine wines.

In honor of that match-up, the Revitalization Of Youngsville (ROY) is presenting the “Fine Art and Vino Venue” Art Competition from 1 to 6 p.m. Saturday, April 20, at the Youngsville Fire Hall to celebrate local artists and to encourage the exhibition and sale of their finest works.

Contact Joanne Oviatt, 106 E. Main St., Youngsville. Pa. 16371. Call 563-4286 for questions Make checks payable to: the Revitalization Of Youngsville.

Art competition sponsored by PNC Investments.

Fun Auction at Irvine

Presbyterian Church

At 1 p.m. Sunday, April 21 there will be a Fun Auction at the Irvine Presbyterian Church located on the National Forge Road. Goods and services have been donated to the church to raise money that will help pay for the extensive restoration to the historic building. The restoration project was completed last year, but a necessary loan remains.

Food and beverages will be available as well.

The church was built in 1838 by Dr. William Irvine as a wedding gift for his wife Sarah. The first service in the church was Sarah’s funeral. It is the oldest, continually used church in Warren County and is on the list of National Historic sites.

Performers Needed

Actors, actress and extras are needed to participate in the Youngsville’s Bicentennial play “A Beautiful Promise” to be presented on the Youngsville High School stage at 7 p.m.. on June 28.

There are parts for more than 28 men ,women and children as well as help needed backstage.

This is an excellent opportunity for high school students to earn credit for their senior project. There will not be many rehearsals as most of the parts are non-speaking.

May 6 at 6 p.m. auditions for parts and sign up for backstage helpers will be held at the Youngsville Borough building.

Plan on being part of this pageant because we are sure that it will be an experience you will remember for years. For more information, call Barb 563-4936.

Brokenstraw Township

Clean-Up Day

It will be held on Saturday, April 27, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the township building.

The cost is $5 per car load; $10 per pick-up truck load.

No tires, paint, or hazardous materials.

Must be Brokenstraw Township resident.