TRACK & FIELD: Opening Act: Dragons sweep Franklin at War Memorial

Warren had a pleasing effort all the way around on Tuesday, sweeping Franklin in its Region 3 opener.

“I was pleasantly thrilled with the results,” said Warren boys coach Steve Norris, whose Dragons were a 92-49 winner in the dual meet opener. “I’m shocked the margin was as big as it was because Franklin has a pretty good team.

“(Assistant coach) Justin (Norris) and I weren’t sure what we were going to have this year, but after Harbor Creek (Invitational) last weekend and tonight’s showing, I’m very happy,” said Norris.

Individual winners included Jordan Willetts in the 100 and 400, Chris McNeal in the shot put as part of a sweep with teammates Austin Jerman and Geoff Stewart, as well as in the discus, Luke Wortman in the 200, Jacoby Passmore in the long jump, Justin Wright with a six foot high jump, Caleb Hultman in the 800. Warren won the 1600 and 3200 relays as well.

Norris said his hurdlers are young and having to work hard for points, and “we need to pick up a few more points in the throws,” he said. “Actually we’re a young team.”

On the girls side of things, Warren was a 108-40 winner over the Knights.

Warren coach Mark Sweet said he is extremely pleased with the team’s performance for the first dual meet of the year. However, he was quick to point out that his Lady Dragons are not satisfied.

“We are pleased, but not satisfied,” said Sweet. “I’m just super, super happy. We had several new girls qualify for district today. For most of the team, this was their first time on the track. Lots of new faces stepped up and we got some outstanding performances today.”

Sweet said among those great performances were McKenzie Merenick who qualified for districts in both the long jump and triple jump, Nikki Atkins qualified in the shot put and Claudia Olson qualified for districts in the discus in her first ever varsity meet.

As far as winners go, Sabrina Anderson and Ellis Beardsley were each four-time winners. Anderson won the 200 as well as both hurdles events and the 400 relay with Casey Kulka, Amy Castagnino and Brooke Armanini. Beardsley won individually in the 800 and 1600 and in 1600 relay with Sydney Paris, Paige Rimer and Valerie Latimer and 3200 relay with Paris, Rimer and Anna Falvo.

Kulka added an individual win in the 100, Armanini won in the long jump, Olson won the discus and Falvo ran to victory in the two-mile race.

The Lady Dragons return to action Thursday when they visit Fort LeBoeuf. The meet was originally scheduled to be run at War Memorial Field, however, repairs to the track are scheduled for that time.

Warren girls 108, Franklin 40

100: 1. Kulka (W) 13.48, 2. Conway (F), 3. Barker (W)

200: 1. Anderson (W) 28.46, 2. Kulka (W), 3. Conway (F)

400: 1. Nurlich (F) 1:06.40, 2. Latimer (W), 3. Rimer (W)

800: 1. Beardsley (W) 2:33.54, 2. Rimer (W), 3. Paris (W)

1600: 1. Beardsley (W) 5:41.89, 2. Falvo (W), 3. Paris (W)

3200: 1. Falvo (W) 14:13.01, 2. Castagnino (W), 3. Spade (W)

100 hurdles: 1. Anderson (W) 16.29, 2. Paris (W), 3. Lasecki (W)

300 hurdles: 1. Anderson (W) 53.43, 2. Paris (W), 3. Cowan (W)

Long jump: 1. Armanini (W) 16’3, 2. Jones (F), 3. Shields (F)

Triple jump: 1. Jones (F) 35’7 1/2, 2. Shields (F), 3. Armanini (W)

High jump: 1. Jones (F) 5’7, 2. Stuchelrodet (F), 3. Paris (W)

Shot put: 1. Powers (F) 32’6, 2. Atkins (W), 3. Yarzabek (W)

Discus: 1. Olson (W) 92’1, 2. Yarzabek (W), 3. Pinkerton (W)

Javelin: 1. Polkabla (F) 90’4, 2. Owen (W), 3. Agin (F)

400 relay: 1. Warren (Armanini, Castagnino, Kulka, Anderson) 52.76

1600 relay: 1. Warren (Beardsley, Latimer, Paris, Rimer) 4:39.13

3200 relay: 1. Warren (Beardsley, Falvo, Paris, Rimer) 10:53.45

Warren boys 92, Franklin 49

100: 1. Willetts (W) 11.26, 2. Mooney (F), 3. Gorgacz (W)

400: 1. Willetts (W) 53.48, 2. Wortman (W), 3. Crockett (F)

3200: 1. Danvers (F) 10:42.50, 2. Jones (F), 3. Colosimo (W)

Shot put: 1. McNeal (W) 43’9 1/2, 2. Jerman (W), 3. Stewart (W)

110 hurdles: 1. Mooney (F) 15.60, 2. Shattuck (W), 3. Wright (W)

200: 1. Wortman (W) 24.33, 2. Kulka (W), 3. Crockett (F)

Long jump: 1. Passmore (W) 19’10 3/4, 2. Davis (W), 3. Uber (F)

High jump: 1. Wright (W) 6’0, 2. Davis (W), 3. West (F)

1600: 1. Danvers (F) 4:58, 2. Ruland (W), 3. Colosimo (W)

800: 1. Hultman (W) 2:08.21, 2. Harbaugh (F), 3. Allen (W)

Triple jump: 1. Uber (F) 38’6, 2. Davis (W), 3. Gedz (W)

300 hurdles: 1. Mooney (F) 40.6, 2. Shattuck (W), 3. Wright (W)

Discus: 1. McNeal (W) 123’11, 2. Jerman (W), 3. Fiorento (F)

Javelin: 1. Fiorento (F) 168’4, 2. Jerman (W), 3. Stewart (W)

3200 relay: 1. Warren (Hultman, Ruland, Nielsen, Colisimo) 9:09

400 relay: 1. Franklin 53.67

1600 relay: 1. Warren (Wortman, Hultman, Shattuck, Willetts) 4:58.19