TRACK & FIELD: Wolverines sweep Cameron County

Walking up the steps to the track at Sheffield, the phrase “Protect the Mountain” is inscribed.

The Sheffield boys and girls track teams did just that in a home track meet against Cameron County on Tuesday on Wolverine Mountain.

The boys were on the winning end of a 90-42 final and the girls won 76-54.

An impressive sweep in the high jump helped propel the Wolverines to a win on the boys side. Shequan Wright cleared six feet while Adam Higby and Jimmy Vile both cleared 5’10”, heights that were good enough to allow Wright and Higby to qualify for districts.

“Our high jump was very impressive,” said Sheffield boys coach Rusty Barr. “They were putting on a show.”

The 400-meter relay team of Dylan Reynolds, Kevin Cromwell, Dylan McNeal and Vile also shaved time off from their last outing last week, which was good enough to qualify for districts.

Barr was also pleased with the work of Kyle Corbin in the 110 hurdles. He explained that Corbin has been “working hard at it” and took first in the event on Tuesday. He also highlighted the 135′ 3″ javelin mark posted by Vile.

In all, Reynolds won the 200 and long jump, Wright the 800 and high jump, Zach Parker the 1,600, Corbin the 110 hurdles, Adam Higby the 300 hurdles, and Vile the javelin. All three relays won.

Overall, he said he was “happy with the kids” and noted that their “work in showing” in the results.

The boys will be back in action on Saturday when they travel to the Kane Invitational.

Sweeps in all the throwing events – shot put, discus and javelin – helped the Lady Wolverines secure the victory.

Jen Isenberg won both the discus and the javelin while Brittany Fritz took first in the shot put, Morgan Leichtenberger in the 100 hurdles, Kaitlyn Borden in the 300 hurdles and Jade Moore in the long jump.

“Every single girl placed today,” said Sheffield girls coach Jenelle Johnson, whose Wolverines swept 1-2-3 in four events.

There were three new district qualifiers: Fritz (shot), Leichtenberger (100 hurdles), and Julia Vile (100 hurdles).

“We now have a third of our team going to districts and we have had only two meets so far this season,” said Johnson. “I’m expecting a lot more to join the ranks for the trip to districts.

“I’m very happy with their performance, they are a young team and are willing to pull together as a team when they need to the most,” she said. “We had 11 people and we used every single one of them to make the meet count. So many girls earned first places… Then you add in all our second places and third-place finishes and we were strong across the board. The distance races always hurt us a bit, but we made up for it in the field and in the hurdles. Fritz, Hansen, and Borden, after multiple wins, joined with freshman Montana Sarver to pull off a final win in the 1600 relay, which was a great team effort on the behalf of those four young girls. Our team is very young with a mix of 10 freshmen and sophomores and two lone seniors, and it is exciting to think where the team’s hard work and effort will take them in the next three years.”

Sheffield boys 90, Cameron County 42

100: 1. Johnson (C) 12:00, 2. Jones (S), 3. Vile (S)

200: 1. Reynolds (S) 23.96, 2. Jones (S), 3. Johnson (C)

400: 1. Armstrong (C) 1:01.6, 2. Ruhlander (S), 3. Tuliszw (S)

800: 1. Wright (S) 2:20.9, 2. Parker (S), 3. Armstrong (C)

1,600: 1. Parker (S) 5:28, 2. Doninice (C), 3. Barr (S)

110 hurdles: 1. Corbin (S) 20.5, 2. Lapolt (C), 3. Logue (C)

300 hurdles: 1. Higby (S) 48.4, 2. Logue (C), 3. Schooler (S)

400 relay: 1. Sheffield 46.75 (Reynolds, Cromwell, Vile, McNeal)

1,600 relay: 1. Sheffield 4:43.6 (Cromwell, Parker, Ruhlander, Wright)

3,200 relay: 1. Sheffield 9:56.8 (Wright, Pierson, Schooler, Parker)

Shotput: 1. Marcum (C) 44′ 11″, 2. Thomas (S), 3. Barr (C)

Discus: 1. Marcum (C) 107′ 2″, 2. Thomas (S), 3. Ranowicki (C)

Javelin: 1. Vile (S) 135′ 3″, 2. Horning (C), 3. McNeal (S)

Long jump: 1. Reynolds (S) 19′ 10″, 2. Jones (S), 3.Johnson (C)

Triple jump: 1. Johnson (C) 37′ 11″, 2. McNeal (S), 3. Higby (S)

High jump: 1. Wright (S) 6′, 2. Higby (S) 5′ 10″, 3. Vile (S) 5′ 10″

Sheffield girls 76, Cameron County 54

100: 1. Guisto (C) 13.47, 2. Moore (S), 3. Vile (S)

200: 1. Guisto (C) 29.76, 2. Sprandle (S), Dunsmoor (C)

400: 1. Dunsmore (C) 1:11.5, 2. Isenberg (S), 3. Borden (S)

800: 1. Azzato (C) 3:14.1, 2. Isenberg (S), 3. Fritz (S)

1,600: 1. Lewis (C) 6:49.6, 2. Cassondra (C)

3,200: 1. Azzato (C)

100 hurdles: 1. Leichtenberger (S) 17.58, Vile (S), Borden (S)

300 hurdles: 1. Borden (S) 1:05.9, 2. Caldwell (C)

400 relay: 1. Cameron County, 1:00.7

1,600 relay: 1. Sheffield, 6:47

Shotput: 1. Fritz (S) 30′ 10″, 2. Isenberg (S), 3. Hansen (S)

Discus: 1. Isenberg (S) 85′, 2. Hansen (S), 3. Lyon (S)

Javelin: 1. Isenberg (S) 101′, 2. Labesky (S), 3. Leichtenberger (S)

Long jump: 1. Moore (S) 13′ 11.75″, 2. Sprandle (S), 3. Vile (S)

Triple jump: 1. Azzato (C) 29′ 9″, 2. Leichtenberger (S), 3. Vile (S)

High jump: 1. Azzato (C) 4′ 10″, 2. Isenberg (S), 3. Leichtenberger (S)