Ruff Riders learn about horses

Sugar Grove Ruff Riders met April 1 at Mission Covenant Church. The 4-H pledge was led by Alyssa Brook. Attendance was called by Katie Downs, and all members had to name the horse body part that 4H leader Becky was pointing to on the horse chart in order to be marked in attendance. Downs read minutes of the last two meetings. Members Jonah, Abbie and Katie shared information on what they learned from the judges and their showing experience at the Nash Hill No Show in Gowanda, N.Y. They received many helpful suggestions and tips from the judges that day. They encouraged all members to consider the opportunity of showing next year if the No Show takes place again.

Leader Virginia told members to be thinking about the group’s display idea for the fair this year. The theme this year will be “Join the Revolution of Responsibility.” All members were encouraged to write or draw their ideas by the next meeting.

Next, Keith Baker gave a presentation on horse breed pedigree. Members found it interesting to talk about why bloodlines in horses are so important. Virginia and Kelly spent some time playing a game with members to review horsemanship skills and ground handling techniques. All members were encouraged and given tips on project books and record books. As the meeting came to an end, all members were reminded about the Lew Trumble riding clinic that will be held at the Warren County Fairgrounds on Sunday, April 21, from 2 to 4 p.m. All members were told that in order to attend the riding clinic they need to bring proof of a current coggins and rabies vaccination.

The group will meet next on Monday, May 6, at the Warren County Fairgrounds. All members may bring their horses to the meeting to have riding practice in the show ring and to work on level one of the horsemanship skills, which will cover ground handling. The meeting was adjourned. Kaityn and Alexis provided snack and drink.