Grand jury

Dear editor:

There has been much speculation about the statewide Investigating Grand Jury and the investigation into Gro-Warren’s activities.

Those who most wish the whole matter would just go away have speculated the Grand Jury was closed down because of the change of guard a new State Attorney.

Please know and please be assured, the Statewide Investigating Grand Jury is alive and well, and very hard at work.

Typically a statewide Investigating Grand Jury investigates many cases, not just one. Indeed, a number of the cases this particular Grand Jury was investigating have concluded either by issuing a report or handing down indictments. This is public knowledge, as the reports or indictments are published on the State Attorney General’s Office website.

A statewide Investigating Grand Jury is impaneled for a set term. It is not unusual for that term to be extended as investigations may require, and such is the case with the current Grand Jury; their term was extended to accommodate a complicated and lengthy investigation.

I am not concerned about the outcome of this investigation. I have a lot of faith that this Grand Jury will do the right thing. I testified before this Grand Jury. I got to look each juror in the eyes as I testified. Body language and eye contact told me the Jurors understood my testimony and the evidence.

Another telltale sign the Grand Jurors are not permitted to ask witnesses questions directly. After a witness testifies they are excused from the room. The Jurors may then put forth to the State Attorneyquestions they would like answered. The witness is then called back in for additional testimony with the State Attorney asking those questions the Jurors put forth. I knew by the questions asked of me, those put forth by the Jurors, they understood everything.

I also have a lot of faith in others whom gave testimony before the Grand Jury and their strength in knowledge of the facts and evidence.

Let’s be very clear. If nothing really happened, as those targeted by this investigation insist, there probably wouldn’t have been an investigation to begin with, and certainly the investigation wouldn’t go on for well over 9 months.

But when has a politician ever been forthright in such circumstances? Remember Weinergate? At first it was someone having fun with his name, then a rightwing conspiracy, and on and on. A month later out came the truth.

Dan Ristau