Warren General Hospital and Pediatric Department

Dear editor:

Thank you to Warren General Hospital and the Pediatric Department

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Warren General Hospital pediatric staff. Just before Easter, our 3-year-old son, Bryce, was diagnosed with viral pneumonia and an ileus (bowel obstruction). Before emergency room admission, his temperature reached a peak of 106 degrees. As all parents out there would understand, this was one of the scariest things we have ever encountered. To make things worse, Bryce was supposed to be leaving with us for Disney World at about the same time of the hospital admission. As he had been anxiously anticipating spending Easter with Mickey Mouse and Goofy in Florida, Bryce was now faced with being extremely ill and missing his long-awaited dream vacation. To Bryce, he was upset because he was going to miss his Disney trip. To us, as parents, we feared that we were going to lose our little boy.

Seeing our little guy in a hospital bed for five days with a Nasogastric tube (NG tube), IV line, continuous oxygen, and numerous medications was devastating. However, the caring nurses and physicians at Warren General Hospital were absolutely tremendous. In healthcare, we often only hear about the negative events that take place. Our hospital experience was extremely positive. We would like to thank and recognize the following nurses for their great work with our son:

Holly Payne, Sara Johnson, Kathy Moore, Judy Moynihan, Kelly Sullivan, Linda Ross, Crystal Sigmund, Stephanie Ferry, and Lori Nelson (and everyone else who took a role in his care who was not mentioned). These women went out of their way to make Bryce and our family as comfortable as possible. They brought toys in for Bryce, played with him, nurtured him, and assured us that everything was going to be ok. Additionally, they enabled us to sleep overnight next to Bryce and eat our meals with him. Despite being in the hospital, we were all made to feel as comfortable as possible.

We must also thank Dr. McConnell and Dr. Coombs. It is easy to overlook what physicians do for their patients. However, what I observed from these two physicians really touched me. On Bryce’s first day in the hospital, Dr. McConnell (after working a full day at his pediatric office) came to see Bryce at around 6 pm, called in several times in the evening to check on him, and then came back in with Bryce at 1 am to oversee his NG tube placement (before going back to work a few hours later at his office). We remarked, “When does he sleep?” The dedication and work ethic this man showed was just so incredible. Thank you so much Dr. McConnell.

Dr. Coombs attended to Bryce for the remainder of his hospital stay. He, like Dr. McConnell, also went above and beyond to ensure that our child was safe and receiving the best care possible. We would see Dr. Coombs several times each day, both during the morning and evening hours (including on Saturday and Sunday). He answered all of our questions and assured us that Bryce would be ok. Thank you Dr. Coombs.

Because of the nurses and physicians mentioned above, our little boy did get better and still was able to go see Mickey Mouse in Florida. Our vacation was shortened; however, just knowing that Bryce was healthy was all that mattered.

Thank you and God bless,

Dan and Tracey Grolemund

P.S. Thank you also to Ken and Deb Whitton for sending the Easter Bunny up to Bryce’s room while he was in the hospital. This definitely brightened his day!