Our opinion: Headed to nationals

If a high school basketball or football team were to win a state championship in their PIAA classification and then be ranked by, say, Sports Illustrated as among the best in the nation, there would be a parade, a rally at the school, a great public outpouring of elation.

Such is the visceral attachment to sports achievement in Warren County and around the globe.

We certainly would support just such a demonstration of pride, because those achievements would have been won with extraordinary determination and skill.

There are no parades, no shaking of pom-poms, no screaming crowds envisioned for a couple of Warren County students of the Warren County Career Center, who have already been judged the best at their individual skills on a state level and will be headed to a national competition in Missouri later this year.

So, in the absence of that, allow us to bestow (be it quietly in print) upon Jacob Deveraux and Jason Clever, both of Eisenhower High School, a cheer for their achievement, which they won with extraordinary determination and skill.

While these two men have finished at the top of their game, there are two other students who won medals at “states”: Paul York of Warren Area High School with a silver in motorcycle service technology, and Ryan McShane of Youngsville High School with a bronze in marine service.

They aren’t being scouted by recruiters for potential NCAA Division I glory and the possibility of a career in professional sports.

They are taking another path, perhaps not as exciting to spectators, but just as important to their own lives, the families they will grow, and the communities in which they live..

No. There’s nothing particularly sexy or exciting about these technologies, but we believe that our lives would be tangibly more difficult if those skills didn’t exist in our communities. The fact that we have some young men who excel at them should not only give us pride, but some relief in the knowledge that there are young people stepping up to carry on traditions of hard work and dedication.