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Humane Society

receives donations

Donations were made to the Warren County Humane Society in honor of Bob and Kathy Knechtel, Lucille Wheeler, David Oberg, Sandy Anderson, Steve and Carole Blair, Wallace and Diana Carter, and Wallace Carter.

Donations were also received in memory of Barbara Berdine, Becky Park, Lucille Wheeler, Carol Littlefield, Cheryl Nuhfer, Cindy Brown Horner, Clair “Duke” Repine, Eleanor and Gomer Jones, Emily Mull, Frank Jr., Gene Shine, Georgianna Shea, Howard Thompson, Janet Duffy, Joseph Dangelo, Justin Downey, Kathryn Johnson, Kenneth Lynn, Larry “Red” Anderson, Leroy Korb Sr., Lewis Jones, Lewis Jewart, Linda Pastrick, Lois Giglotti, Margaret Graham, Mark Still, Mary Redin, Nellie Fitzgerald, Palmer Davis, Paul Sowles, Robert “Red” Newman, Ronald Stewart, Ruth Cataldo, Ruth Gorfida, Sara Irene Taylor Harper, Stephen and Mary Walas, Tom Graziano, Viola Walter and Virginia Coughlin.