Policy changes reviewed

The Warren County School District’s board of directors reviewed a number of proposed changes to policy at its meeting Monday night.

Board President Arthur Stewart pointed out policy changes must be approved twice before taking effect, once in a first reading and once during a second reading.

Changes to graduation requirements were approved on second reading.

While students are still required to complete 28 total credits, the distribution of those credits is no longer dictated under a Career Center, occupational preparatory or academic sequence of courses. All students must complete four credits in English, math, science and social studies; .5 credits in health, computer technology and technology education; one credit in physical education; 9.5 credits in electives and a one-credit graduation project.

Language was added to note that the graduation project would be recorded the student’s senior year and graded as pass or fail. It will not be considered in calculating grade point average.

Language outlining requirements for proficiency on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment tests was removed and replaced with a requirement that students “meet state assessment requirements.”

Pennsylvania is currently transitioning to the Keystone Exams system of assessment.

Language allowing requirements to be modified for students in the Gifted Individualized Educational Program was added.

New requirements state, “Students receiving educational services pursuant to a Gifted Individualized Educational Program (GIEP) under Chapter 16 of the State Board of Education regulations may receive modified and/or accelerated course instruction, scheduled concurrent college course instruction, as well as other individualized instruction. Gifted students may accelerate through the curriculum, may not follow a traditional grade sequence, and may graduate ahead of their class. Graduation requirements as provided herein may be modified for gifted students in the GIEP on an individual student basis. Where a student’s GIEP provides modification to the graduation requirements of this policy, the student’s GIEP shall control; provided, however, that all gifted students shall complete the required number of graduation credits, or their equivalent, for graduation.”

A first reading of changes to policy regarding accident prevention and safety procedures was approved.

The new policy requires that at least one adult staff member trained to administer CPR must be present in each school building in the district, “at all times during normal school hours when school is in session and students are present.”

The policy reflects state requirements regarding presence of personnel trained to administer CPR.

Language in the district’s policy regarding definition of instruction was also changed upon second reading to reflect current terminology. The term District Strategic Plan was changed to District Comprehensive Plan.