School board fills vacancy

The Warren County School District’s board of directors filled a vacant seat during a special meeting Monday night.

Board members unanimously voted to appoint Marcy Morgan to fill a Region III seat vacated upon the resignation of Nancy McDanel on March 11.

In a letter to the board, McDanel cited family health concerns requiring her to spend significant time in New Hampshire as cause for her resignation.

Morgan, a Sugar Grove resident with two grandchildren who attend classes in the district, was the sole applicant for the position. She worked as an administrator at Warren State Hospital prior to retirement.

The appointment followed a brief interview by the board.

Board President Arthur Stewart outlined the interview process alerting Morgan it had to be held publicly by law and would include questions from current board members.

“We’ve all taken some time to look at your thoughtful responses,” Stewart told Morgan.

Board member Donna Zariczny asked Morgan what she felt was the most important issue facing the board.

“I think dealing with our dwindling resources,” Morgan replied. “It’s going to take some thinking outside the box.”

Board member Jack Werner asked Morgan if she felt she had the support of the community.

Morgan responded that she felt she does.

“While we all represent our individual regions,” Werner went on to point out, “we represent all the students of the district.”

Board member Michael Zamborik publicly cited Morgan’s medical background as an asset to the board.

Following appointment, District Justice Glenn Carlson administered the oath of office to Morgan.

Morgan will tentatively serve until the first Monday in December.

As McDanel’s resignation occurred more than 60 days prior to the general election, the position will appear on the ballot this November.

Candidates will have to be a resident of Region III, which consists of Bear Lake, Sugar Grove and Youngsville boroughs and Brokenstraw, Farmington, Freehold, Pine Grove, Pittsfield and Sugar Grove townships.

Asked during her interview if she was interested in running for the position long-term, Morgan responded that she is considering it.

“I don’t see an issue there,” Morgan said.