Beaty principal: Construction not PSSA distraction

It’s that time of the year.

No, not spring.

It’s time for students throughout the Commonwealth to take part in an annual tradition – the Pennsylvania System of Scholastic Assessment, also known as the PSSA.

Over the course of the next two weeks, students in grades three through eight will participate in both a reading and math assessment.

Grades four and eight will be tested in science the following week.

While testing will be as it normally is at most Warren County School District buildings, the $16.1 million renovation project at Beaty-Warren Middle School has brought vast changes to the school this year.

Sixth grade was held at Warren Area Education Center and, in essence, seventh and eighth grade have been forced to use about half of Beaty.

Maybe that will impact test scores.

But don’t tell the teachers or students at Beaty that.

“We have survived,” Beaty Principal Rhonda Decker said during an assembly on Friday afternoon. She said they have smelled smells, heard sounds and seen things such as sparks in the hallway that they never thought they would.

“In spite of all those distractions, you do me proud,” she said of the students. “If you can focus through all of that, you will do well on the PSSA.”

Individuals representing the National Education Foundation, the entity that provided the matching funds needed for the district to secure the Qualified Zone Academy Bonds that are subsidizing the renovations, was also on hand for the assembly after taking a tour of the building earlier in the day.

“What they have done for you is phenomenal,” teacher Rick Nowacki said to the students of the NEF contributions.

He also praised the efforts that the students at Beaty.

“You’ve worked hard in everything you’ve done,” he said.