Gun control?

Dear editor:

Gun control? Or this is the what you will do and if you do not, then the elected official will pass a law that says you will. Do not pass go. Just go straight to jail.

This trying to take away your rights to guns is just a first step to what will come next. They have been trying to take it all since before President Kennedy was shot.

Read what is called-The Freedom From War-Article 7277, tells how the United Nations wants to take over this country by disbanding all the military and disarm all the people.

There are more people killed every day with booze than any type firearm. If someone wants to do harm to another person, they do not have to use a gun, but when they do then all the anti-gun people jump on the band wagon to try and ban them.

The biggest war that was fought on the very ground that we now live on is the one that makes me wonder just how smart all the people are in the S.C. A 50 cal percussion rifle was the weapon that they used in the Civil War. And to this day it is still not considered a firearm by the government. Any one can buy one as long as they can show proof of age (18), no background check is needed, just pay for it and out you go. We need to wake up and smell the gunpowder before it is tooo late. Most people could care less just what goes on until it lands on their front door stop, well brother it is now there.

Here is something for all to give some thought to: what does the government need with 500,000 coffins in Madison, GA, the black for adults, white for kids, they have them stacked up about 10 ft high and as far as you can see in a soy bean field in GA. Go on you computer and check them out, will make your skin crawl. Homeland Security has purchased 7000 AR-15, for what? Another, who knows, same with 1700 light armored vehicles.

A Concerned Citizen

Larry Maruca