Our opinion: Great idea

No one appears to dispute that parks in a city are a good thing. In this space a few weeks ago, we extolled the virtues of green spaces and how they contribute not just quality of life to residents, but also offer visitors something as well.

On Tuesday evening, representatives of Whirley DrinkWorks approached the city’s Parks and Recreation Commission to pitch the concept of converting at least one of the city’s under-utilized parks into a dedicated fitness park.

And, get this: The effort would be underwritten by a group of entities that include Whirley, Northwest Savings Bank, Betts Industries and McKissock.

The City of Warren administration has been talking about an inventory of parks to determine which are frequently used and which are not, with the option of perhaps unloading some of the real estate for private development.

The idea of giving up parks produces a squirm among many people who realize that a park, once lost, is seldom, if ever, recovered.

We don’t fault the administration for casting about for ways to save taxpayers money, though we can envision other avenues to reduce expenses.

The overture from the committee of Warren businesses presents a great opportunity for the city and its residents.

Here is a group of people and the businesses they work for who care enough to roll up their sleeves and do something that doesn’t start with a grant application or the assumption that government will do it.