Dear editor:

I would like to be able to say that I was shocked by the headlines of March 27 regarding “A Plastic Problem” but I really was not. What I was surprised by was the fact that the former super actually thought that most of us would believe that he used the school districts card SIX times by “mistake” That would mean that if he used the ATM he put in his pin number for that card SIX times by “mistake”. Or if he went to a cashier, he presented that credit card and his photo ID SIX times by “mistake”. Seriously? The article then states that the former super utilized the district card at the casino on several occasions over a period of days. Where are those statements?? And why are they not investigating any further? Just because the man resigned is not good enough to stop an investigation or better yet, an outside audit of his entire 18 months here.

The former super also submitted a request for a payment of $1000.00 on 10/8/2012 for health insurance buyout. He received that check on 11/8/2012. But his contract very specifically states that the option for buyout had to be decided on by June 30, 2012.

And last but not the last…He submitted mileage for 16 moving trips to and from York. How many did it take him to move back to York? I absolutely agree that he should reimburse this county for the $7500.00 he was paid in moving expenses.

And the beat goes on….

Respectfully submitted

Cheryl A. Miles