Weapons control

Dear Editor,

Recently there was a letter in the WTO entitled weapons control. For now let’s not “leave the second amendment out of it”.

Now this whole gun control debate came about with the Sandy Hook school shooting. As a father of a kindergartener, the tragedy sickened me. Now people have been categorizing your average assault rifle owner (such as myself) in with the psychos that perpetrate these school shootings. As a responsible gun owner, that infuriates me.

We all agree that something must change to protect our children. The first thing anti-gun people try to do is ban all weapons bigger than a CO2 gun. I bet more children die from car accidents than guns. Do we ban cars? Nope. Any idiot can buy a car regardless of how bad they drive. Why then are we doing this with the guns. Anti-gun people would say it is different because “the car is practical where the gun is not”. When someone breaks into your home, let me know which one becomes more practical. Disarming the lawful public is not the solution. Why should my family be left defenseless because cowards target children?

Everyone blames the assault rifle. Did the rifle sprout legs and target kids? No. Some psycho decided that they were not getting enough attention so they decide to leave this world in the most shocking way possible. In doing so, they force the media and world to show them the attention no one else would. There is your problem. How do we get these type of people the help they need before they have to resort to violence? Before tragedy happens, the friends and family should be aware of their mental instability. They should take the responsibility to get the individual the help they need. Step one should be disarming that person not all of us. Changes to the school and the school’s policies would be the during. After the tragedy happens, the media should not release ANY information about the killer. The media coverage into the killer’s life only encourages other goons to copy cat what was done. Ever notice you will get a string of school shootings? Show the world that people that do this will not live on in infamy. If it were me, I wouldn’t even mark their grave.

By the way, Bigfoot isn’t real. Witnesses need to have their lookers checked.

Law abiding gun owner,

Brad Knowles