Dear editor:

Obamacare, also known as the Affordable Health Care Act, is just one of the many Trojan Horses this President has pushed through.

As those of us who have to deal with the Wizards wishes, the real world only exists outside the land of Washington of Oz, and it is not pretty.

As a typical small business owner of manufacturing companies in Warren for over 25 years, I can no longer remain silent, and I will not fear exercising my first amendment rights. Obamacare, for those whom are responsible to purchase health insurance either for themselves or others, experience this Affordable Health Care Act first hand. Case in point, my health plan cost has risen twice since Obamacare has been enacted. Two years ago my plan was $980 per month, last year $1700 per month, this year $2200 per month! Same company, same plan….

Affordable? The president says I can keep my plan, PERIOD! (His words, not mine)! Yes I will say it, this President is no better than a dishonest peddler.

Oh, wait, I am a businessman? I must make tons of money, sorry, just a middle class guy trying to survive each day….

John Nemcovsky