Wolboldt search continues

The search for Scoutmaster Dan Wolboldt continues.

Wolboldt was last seen Friday near his North Warren home. “One of the last activities that Mr. Wolboldt had done on the evening of (Friday) March 22 was burning paper products at the rear of his residence that borders the Conewango Creek,” Conewango Township Police Chief Jason Peters said. “We are looking at all possibilities and one of those possibilities is that he had fallen into the creek. Efforts are being made to rule out that possibility.”

The North Warren and Glade volunteer fire departments are in charge of that search.

Peters said the departments have personnel walking the shoreline and in boats using their eyes, sonar, and remote cameras.

There are also eyes in the sky.

A helicopter from the Pennsylvania State Police Aviation Unit in Franklin joined the search on Tuesday.

The troopers utilized Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) and their unique perspective to aid in the effort.

While searchers on the ground are limited to going slowly on foot or sticking to roads in vehicles, the helicopter does not have that limitation.

“You can cover a lot more area a lot quicker, as well as having a different perspective,” Aviation Unit Trooper Drumm said. “FLIR – that’s looking for heat signatures. Everything puts out a certain temperature.”

Winter is a good time to utilize a helicopter for a search. “There’s less tree foliage,” Drumm said.

The troopers searched the area of the “Conewango Creek from North Warren to the Allegheny (River) and the Allegheny for several miles,” Peters said. “Other areas of interest were checked in Warren County as well.”

Peters said the helicopter searched for about three hours Tuesday afternoon.

Despite the enhanced search, there was still no sign of Wolboldt through Thursday afternoon.

“Still, at this time we do not know Mr. Wolboldt’s whereabouts,” Peters said. “Interviews with family members, co-workers, and those that had last seen Mr. Wolboldt have been conducted and will continue.”

The latest updates from the Chief Cornplanter Council’s Facebook page express Wolboldt’s wife Penny’s gratitude for the “outpouring of love and support and all the prayers being lifted up for Dan. She wishes to thank everyone for their support and asks that you continue praying for his safe return.”