Hunter ed class at Brokenstraw

The only opportunity to take a Hunter-Trapper Education Course at Brokenstraw Fish and Game Club will be April 6, Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Due to changes in the course mandated by the Pennsylvania Game Commission, these courses now held on only one day. Previously courses were given over either two days of three days. Some online study is recommended before taking the course.

Brokenstraw Fish and Game Club will hold their only other Hunter-Trapper Ed Course this year on June 29, in time for new hunters to apply for antlerless deer licenses.

Register for the course at the Pennsylvania Game Commission web site, Follow the prompts by clicking on Hunter Education Classes, then under Basic Courses select Hunter-Trapper Education. From that point, Important, in red, will direct you to the pre-course study material. Continue the search under the Youngsville zip code, 16371 and within 10 miles. When you find the course you want, click on Register Now and fill in the form.

Students who can not register on a computer will be accepted by registering at the course.