This Is For The Birds

Say what you like about it, but some of the Learning Enrichment Center’s curriculum is for the birds.

In particular, the bluebirds.

On Tuesday morning, grade three and four students at the center welcomed David Donachy of the Pennsylvania Game Commission, who helped students learn about bluebirds.

“The Game Commission is really good at partnering with schools for environmental education,” science teacher John Fedak said.

Donachy presented a video before holding a question and answer session with the students.

According to Fedak, Donachy’s presentation focused on bluebirds. Specifically, on how to increase their population and provide attractive habitats for them.

However, that was just the start of the program. Following Donachy’s presentation the real fun began.

The Game Commission donated the materials necessary for students to build their own nest boxes. Each student assembled a fitting home for an indigent bluebird to settle.

According to Fedak, students will be placing finished boxes in their yards or other areas suitable as bluebird habitat.

“Third and fourth grade is a good age to introduce kids to stewardship of the environment,” Fedak added.

He also said he intends to extend the activity with his other students.