Philomel hosts students

The Philomel Club met March 24 at the Woman’s Club. Chairpersons were Vera Finger and Kathy Neal. Performers were memebers of the Little Bach/Junior Philomel and were piano students of Vera Finger and Cathy Peterson. The program presented was as folows:

“Diamonds on the Water,” Wynne-Anne Rossi by Rachel Cecco; “In the Hall of the Mountain King,” E. Grieg by Steven Ashbaugh; “Allegro Furioso,” W. T. Sky Garcia by Olivia Ashbaugh; “Rustles of Spring,” Christian Sinding by Morgan Lemmon; “The Bullfighter,” Lee Evans by Robert McAvoy; “Summer Nocturne,” Robert Whitford by Olivia Ashbaugh; “German Clap Dance,” (trio) by Rachel Cecco, Morgan Lemmon, and Robert McAvoy; “The Erie Canal,” Faber by Steven Ashbaugh; “Prelude in C,” J. S. Bach by Rachel Cecco; “Sea Voyage,” Mary Leaf by Olivia Ashbaugh; “Invention No. 13,” J. S. Bach by Robert McAvoy; “Ghost Tarantella,” C. Tsitsarus by Steven Ashbaugh; and “Someone Like You,” Adele by Morgan Lemmon

Refreshments were served after the recital by hostesses Kay Jones and Nancy Blume. The next Philomel Club meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 8, at 1:30 p.m. at the Woman’s Club when the Warren group will host the Mozart Club of Jamestown, N.Y.