Dear editor,

It is not often that I feel that I should write into the paper in regards to an article in the Readers Speak. But I am compelled to do so at this time. In regards to a letter published on March 19, 2013, one should not offer service to help write articles for someone, when he himself miss informs the public.

I did some research and I know for a fact that on September 22, 2012 on the front page of the Warren Times Observer, Mr. Burris of the Warren Co. Veteran Affairs office DID indeed put an article in about the Camp Lejeune water. The letter writer is right with the presumptives that he wrote about in the article. I for one commend Mr. Burris and his staff on the excellence of informing the public with up to date information when he receives it. I have a family member that he has helped with a claim for Camp LeJeune water because of the article that the Warren Co. Veterans Affairs placed in the paper.

I for one think that the writer needs to publish an apology to Mr. Burris and his staff for condemning them instead of commending them for the excellence in their service they provide to this county and the Veterans as well. The 2 awards in Friday March 15, 2013 of the Warren Times Observer should speak for itself.

Keep up the great work Warren Co. Veterans Affairs.


Joan Collingsworth

Bear Lake