Alt Ed students may be moving

The Warren County School District’s alternative education program might be moving to a new home.

Members of the school district administration made a presentation to the Curriculum, Instruction and Technology Committee on Monday to move the Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth program from Warren Area High School across the street to the Warren County Career Center beginning with the 2013-2014 school year.

Misty Weber, AEDY program administrator, said the move would allow the program to “stay within our own facilities” and maintain the “current curriculum opportunities we have now.”

A presentation that can be found on the district’s website offers three potential disadvantages using the same restrooms as the general student population, traveling to WAHS for physical education and the need to transport meals from WAHS to the WCCC.

However the move would reduce traffic between buildings as some AEDY students currently participate in programs at the WCCC.

The presentation also explained that a computer lab at WAHS will be free for normal use “which is increasingly important with upcoming state testing going online.”

Another cited benefit is that AEDY students will have less interaction with the general student population.

Director of Pupil Service Patricia Hawley-Horner said the move could also provide a space, distinct from the general population, where expelled students could come in for additional educational support.

WCCC teacher and Warren County Education Association President Claudia Solinko expressed her displeasure at the proposal indicating that she will fight the move. “We have fought for our business program. We will continue to fight for what we have at the Career Center,” she said, vowing to have additional information prepared regarding the proposed move for a future committee meeting.

The committee agreed to hold the relocation proposal so that it can review additional information before making a recommendation to the school board.