When will it end?

Dear editor:

A few years ago, the land behind my home was serverely logged. No, it is not my land, but the change upset me because all our chilhood trails and hideout were gone. Gone was the field of wildflowers that grew every spring.

Now it’s littered with tree-tops and mud-holes from the equpment.

In the last year near my home, the hilltop that as once a beautiful forest was stripped clean, now it is covered with at least 20 gas wells. In the last month, I was informed the land across the road my home is being logged (clear cut) for more gas wells, less then a quarter mile from my home. I walked to this area and my heart was broken. Last year in this area my family and I spotted many wood salamaders that lived there. The nest where the grouse lived is gone. The trees that hide the chipmunks and the red squirrel cache are gone. The teaberry, wintergreen, trailing arbutis, wild black rasberries and blackberries are gone. The porcupines’ hollow tree is broken down into pieces. Did these aminals recieve advance eviction notices?

In the ’70s the land was populated with oil wells. Years of the valley below being lit by the burning gas. For a few years the wells produced…and then they were gone. What happens when the gas runs out? Can they restore the land to the orginial condition? Do the companies really care?

I believe we will answer for this destruction of our enviroment. Our water pressure has dropped since the drilling of these wells. They say they are responisble for this problem. Some may believe there is no global warming, funny how much our climate has changed in this area. Hotter summers, colder winters? We will pay for the greed of a few.

Our water resoures will become contaminated, erosion of the top soil. Less trees more carbon dioxide and the list goes on. I choose to live in the country without city services for a reason. I like it. I don’t want to live next to a refinery or smell the pollution or hear the noise. I know they claim there is enough gas for hundreds of years, but who benefits? They haven’t ofter me free gas. What will happen when this gas boom ends?

Disgusted and troubled,

Stella Walton, Pittsfield