Weapons control

Dear editor:

I finally figured out where the problem lies! It’s all in the name! You mention “Gun Control” and emotions suddenly rise to epic levels on both sides of the issue, so let’s call it what it actually is, “Weapons Control”. Weapons control has been around since before the Civil War of the 1860’s when it was decided that it wasn’t prudent for everyone to own a “Gatling Gun”! Since then, other weapons have been added to the “thou shalt not own list” (at least not without an expensive and difficult to acquire Class III license) such as the “Thompson sub-machine gun” and “Browning automatic rifle” after their use in the crime sprees of the 1930’s.

Today there are a whole range of additional weapons added to that list including everything from silencers to “rocket propelled grenades” and mortars. So as you can see it doesn’t become a degree of “confiscation”, but simply a degree of “control” based hopefully on the weapon’s “mass killing ability”!

So everyone, let’s please calm down and inject some degree of “Common Sense” into this issue! And if possible, let’s leave the 2nd Amendment out of it. As you can see above, we already trashed that 150 years ago!

Allan Gustafson