“Squatched Out”

Dear editor:

I’d like to set the record straight if I could here. This area is far from being squatched out.The whole operation smelled. What do I mean, you say? Let’s take a look at what I’m talking about.

Well, first Bo Bo one nighter. Took place along route 59 I do believe. The filming of it took less than two minutes and there was no night shots of the area nor did it show him going anywhere to speak of. I thought that was very strange .

Hm. I wonder if he was told where he was aloud to go and where not to go.That would be my guess.

Knowing the area as I do.The forestry keep a close eye on that area. There’s a lot of strange things that go on in that area.

The second thing I noticed was the group outing. On the other shows they at least have five minutes or better. Where they use their night camera and their therms. The only time I seen them use that was to scan the other shoreline.When they heard a call back on the other side of the lake. Which was some other squatchers.

They spent almost two weeks here and that was the best they could do. My suggestion here would be to spend less time partying at the Holiday Inn and more time looking.This area is far from being squatched out. I have talked to at least 8 to 10 different people all over Warren County that have seen or believe they have seen one. The only way this can be squatched out is if the food supply was gone or they packed up their bags and left the area.

In closing I leave you with line.

The truth is out there. All you got to do is look for it.

One who knows has seen it.

Dennis Viglo