Grant would aid renovations at pool building

If successful on a grant application, the City of Warren municipal pool restrooms and life guard building could be in for interior and exterior renovations.

City Planner David Hildebrand explained to council last Monday night that city staff is looking to apply for a grant through the state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. The application must be submitted prior to an April 10 deadline.

Total project cost, according to Hildebrand, is $197,490. The city would seek half of that total, $98,745, from a state Department of Conservation and Natural Resources grant.

Council unanimously approved a resolution to apply for the grant.

Hildebrand said that the building was originally constructed in 1967 but “has not had a lot of major changes over the years. Originally, the other building across from the diving pool was the main building for the restrooms and changing. That building was torn down a few years ago. (The) current building has been used for that since the early 2000s.”

Remodeling the life guard rooms and restrooms as well as a potential roof replacement, and updating the building to current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, would all be incorporated in this project.

A grant in 2000 allowed the city to replace the pool but did not cover that building.

“(We’re) trying to catch up on a few things down there, try(ing) to get this as a more usable building,” Hildebrand explained, noting that the pool continues to receive extensive use.

If successful on the grant application, Hildebrand expected that the city would be notified in three to four months “typically. They would send us an agreement (and) give us a three- to four-year window to construct the improvements.”

That makes a 2014 construction date the earliest possible scenario.

“If offered, are we obligated to take it?” Councilman Sam Harvey asked.

“You can go further down the process…and pull away from this,” Hildebrand said. “(The) resolution tonight does not constitute an agreement.”

Councilman Joe Sprentz asked about the ADA improvements.

“We’re (on) an ongoing basis of trying to make these improvements from ADA,” Hildebrand said.

Department of Public Works Mike Holtz said, “One of the new requirements there is a chair or a lift. We have ordered that and that will have to be installed before the pool opens in May or June. That should bring the pool up to the current regs.”

Parks and Recreation Director Mary Ann Nau said that some additional railings will be installed to combat some slickness. “(We’re) in compliance as far as getting in the pool. (Amenities) are what we are working on.”