Sheffield students step outside classroom for lessons on teamwork and leadership

Whether in the classroom or in the real world, teamwork and leadership skills can give you an edge.

On Thursday and Friday, students at Sheffield Area Middle/High School took time out from their regular studies to build those important skills.

“This day provides our school with a unique and valuable opportunity to focus on character,” Sheffield Principal Amy Beers pointed out. “There are times to rise and lead, but there are situations when you should function as a cohesive unit together.”

“I think one of the main things it helped us learn is that the person that’s seen as the leader, isn’t always the leader,” Sheffield senior Chris Petersen said. “Sometimes, it’s the subtle things group members do.”

Petersen was impressed enough with his experience that he worked as a presenter during the middle school portion of the program on Friday.

According to Beers, the idea to hold a campus day focused on leadership and teamwork originated with the School Improvement Team, but it took the efforts of organizations from around the area to make it all come together.

High school students participated Thursday, working on making decisions and exercising their skills after graduation. Meanwhile, middle school students worked on learning how to work together as students.

“High school was geared toward their future goals,” Beers said. “Friday was more focused on the classroom.”

Students were divided into 13 groups which rotated through 13 presenter stations throughout the day. Each station featured a different activity focusing on teamwork and leadership.

Presenter programs were changed to fit middle or high school students depending upon the day.

“Various organizations feel strongly enough about these two concepts that they have given of their time and expertise,” Beers said.

Presenters included Northwest Savings Bank, Boy Scouts of America, Girl Scouts of America, Leadership Warren; branches of the military including the Army, Navy, Air Force and National Guard; Warren County Probation, Abraxas Youth and Family Services, Family Services of Warren County, the Warren County YMCA and various representatives of the Warren County School District.

“I thought it was a good leadership building exercise,” Sheffield senior Kade Tarr said. “I thought the National Guard was good. I almost did some push-ups.”