Organizers say BBQ move is necessary

The All American BBQ is bigger than the City of Warren.

Organizers of the summer festival are confident that moving the event from the city to the Warren County Fairgrounds in Pittsfield will find success on July 18-21 in its collaboration with the Regions Pro/Am Archery Tour.

“We have spoken to the vendors and they also felt that this would be a good move, as we will have a built-in crowd from the archers that should offset some of the people that we may lose,” John Papalia Jr., Council on Tourism director, said on Tuesday. “I do believe that Warren residents will make the drive; I think a great example is the Warren County Fair itself and the amount of people that drive to take part in it. I believe we will pick up some people that in the past didn’t want to drive to Warren. For example, Youngsville, Sugar Grove, Corry, and Titusville. Now that our location is finalized we will be reaching out to various agencies to help with security and parking, much like we would do with any other event.”

Both the All American BBQ and the Regions Archery event will require “a great deal of volunteer support” from clearing shooting lanes, setting targets, trash patrol, parking and site preparation, Papalia said.

“We are working closely with the fair as we develop a plan to manage this event. The fair will have maintenance staff on hand and will be aiding us in some of our volunteer and logistical needs,” he said.

Holding the two events together at the fairgrounds means organizers won’t have to duplicate effort in multiple locations, Papalia said.

“For example trash, parking, security, set up and tear down would all need to be done at both locations instead of one which can run our volunteer support thin. The (Gus) Macker and Burger festival is a great example of this when the two were separated by just a few hundred yards at Betts Park,” he said.

Organizers hope combining the archery events with the All American BBQ will let the Warren County tournament stand out from other stops and help grow the event in the future.

Dick Pintcke, event organizer for Regions said combining archery events with the All American Burger Festival over the weekend “should work out extremely well.”

Regions will be in North Carolina and Indiana before coming to Warren County this summer. By then, Pintcke anticipates between 700 to 800 shooters will participate over the weekend.

“It will be a great event, the location, the vicinity,” he said. “We should be drawing from New York, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio and Michigan.”

The archery tournament is for all ages and skill levels, from amateur to pro, and includes youth, men and women classes. The archery tour requires at least 100 acres of wooded area and enough room to host 600 to 800 archers and their families. A number of concerts are also planned over the weekend along with the All American BBQ Festival.

“As a county chamber we are very excited to be working with the fair board on this initiative and think that bringing the All American and Regions Archery to the (fair)grounds will be a great benefit to the entire county,” Papalia said.

Information on the All American BBQ Festival and Regions Pro/Am Archery Tour is available online at and the All American BBQ Festival Facebook page at