County Ag officials team up for ‘The Story of Food’

The Warren County Farmers Association and the Warren County Future of Agriculture Task Force – Penn State Extension, teamed up for agriculture awareness to read to third graders in Warren County. The purpose was to help students understand where food comes from locally and globally and the importance of a balance diet for good health.

Commissioner Stephen Vanco, Debbie Haines and Phyllis Wright of the Future of Ag Task Force read to six third-grade class members at the Warren Area Elementary Center the book “How Did That Get in My Lunch Box? The Story of Food.” The book was then donated to the school library via Dixie Gurdak, WAEC librarian, courtesy of the Warren County Farmers Association.

The morning was organized by teacher Katie Rodgers in cooperation with other teachers, Susan Nosel, Debbie Olson, Denise Miller, Megan Yeager and Rayme Scalise at WAEC. More than 160 students were reached with this educational program.