Athletic training

Dear editor:

As the Warren County Delegate for the Pennsylvania Athletic Trainer’s Society, I feel compelled and privileged to promote the profession with the announcement that March is National Athletic Training Month.

Athletic trainers are unique health care professionals that have expertise in five domains of clinical practice: prevention, clinical evaluation and diagnosis, immediate and emergency care, treatment and rehabilitation, organization, and professional health and well being. Athletic trainers are certified by the National Athltetic Trainer Board of Certification upon completion from an accredited four year program. Nearly 70% of athletic trainers have acquired a masters degree. In PA, athletic trainers are licensed under the board of medicine and practice under the supervision of a board certified physician.

With the recent passage of SB 200, Safety in Youth Sports Act, that addresses concussion management among young athletes, as well as House Bill 1610, Sudden Cardiac Arrest Prevention Act, it is imperitive that residents of our community become familiar with the roles that atletic trainers may serve in those very communities. On February 15th, HR Resoultion 72, Secondary School Bill Of Rights, was submitted to the US House of Representatives. It defines student’s rights to safe and quality of care while participating as student athletes in secondary schools across the US. Approximately 7,700,000 athletes compete in high school athletics annually and approximately 1,300,000 sustain injury requiring care. Students that have access to athletic trainers have a lower incident of injury due to an athletic trainer’s unique ability to utilize their experitse in the five clinical domains mentioned above.

This is only one setting that athletic trainers are qualified to work as health care professinals. Athletic trainers treat physically active individuals in physician offices as physician extenders, in hospitals, ERs, ambulance centers, rehabilitation clinics, commercial and industrial settings, as well as in collegiate and professional sports.

I have had the pleasure of practicing as a certified athletic trainer in the Warren area for approximately 9 years and am eager to promote my professin through education. While I have been practicing for nearly 16 years, I am regularly approached by those who are not familiar with what an athletic trainer is, or what we do. I hope this gives light to those quesitons as well working as a tool to create opportuinties for athletic training in our community. as well and are wonderful resources for parents, coaches, physicians and anyone interested in the latest news on sports injury, new legisltation or any informaiton regarding athletic training.

Thank you,

Andrea L. Shene, MS, ATC-L