Teacher snacks

Dear editor:

I am writing to request a public explanation from Youngsville High School concerning Student Council members being “asked” to supply the teachers’ lounge with juice, fruit, bagels, cream cheese, donuts, cookies, granola bars, etc. This is not voluntary but a policy that SC members who don’t buy an item on each of approximately a dozen “requests” during the school year receives a demerit. Three demerits and you’re kicked off the council.

I’ve been in the workplace for nearly 30 years and the “employee lounge” snacks are stocked by the workers who choose to bring items for everyone, a voluntary pool, or as a courtesy of the employer. So as the parent of a Student Council member, I’d like to know why your employee lounge is on my grocery list.

I look forward to an explanation for students and parents affected by this policy, thank you.

Karey Smith