RDA deals with a number of problem properties

The Warren County Redevelopment Authority rehashed a number of property issues during its meeting Tuesday morning.

The Wanda Miller (formerly Truver) property at 10 Railroad St., Clarendon, was discussed first. Authority secretary Pam Mauve said, “I wrote a letter to Mr. (Joseph) Johnson, and he wanted $2,500 for his (adjoining) property. I wrote another (letter) offering to transfer the property for back taxes, but never heard back.”

The Miller/Truver property is too close to the right of way, and would not have any parking spaces for future development.

Two people have expressed an interest in taking down the building, which covers almost all of the lot. The authority previously had cleared up some confusion in the description of the properties, which had been listed under the same tax parcel number. If the authority can acquire the property, Clarendon Borough would be interested in buying it from the RDA. Another letter will be sent to Johnson.

Authority member Terry Hawk made a motion to begin the process of establishing a conservatory for the Emily Hecei property on East Fifth Avenue, which is approximately seven acres. Costs of refurbishing or demolishing the property need to be established, as well as actual property value. A neighbor is apparently interested in buying the land.

There has been progress in cleaning up the properties at 119, 121, and 123 Front St. in Glade Township.

A neighbor is also interested in acquiring the Passinger property at 102 Cottage Place in Russell. A building on the lot has been condemned, and 2010 and 2011 taxes would be paid upon closing, if a deal can be reached privately.

John DiPerro has custodial rights and power of attorney for his daughter Anzietta’s property on Route 6 in Sheffield Township. The property no longer has utilities, and needs cosmetic repairs. DiPerro said, “I use it for storage for arts and crafts, and wood such as redwood and black walnut. I would like to keep the properties without utilities, and I am willing to make repairs.” A motion was passed to table the issue until April’s meeting, when DiPerro agreed to present a plan to the authority.

Back taxes from 2010 and 2011 totaling $1,500 and fines and costs totaling $2,000 are owed on the John H. Filiatrault property at 106 Hall St. in Sheffield, and possibly 2012 taxes as well. Authority members were told that the owner was served notice to attend the meeting, but he couldn’t because he is in jail. There is a party interested in purchasing the land, and the authority agreed that Mauve should contact the owner to see if he would be willing to transfer the property.

RDA Vice President Jamie Steffan told the members that the Maurice R. Dickey property at 706 S. Main St. in Sheffield has been almost completely cleaned up. The authority voted to remove the parcel from the blighted list.

In new business, the owners of the Jack and Jennifer Hackley property in Tiona have scheduled building demolition to begin May 24 or 31. A motion to table further proceedings until June was passed.

Dan Glotz, county planning director, told authority members that Bear Lake Borough is interested in participating in the blighted program.