Primary ballot positions drawn

As tradition dictates, numbered red balls were drawn Tuesday morning in the Warren County Commissioners’ conference room, with the number on the balls determining in what order names would appear on the May primary election ballot.

Although Commisioner John Eggleston said the drawing probably wasn’t as important as in past years, now that voting is done electronically, he still held the tin containing the balls.

Five candidates were present to draw their numbers, but Justice Greene, son of Rob Greene, did the honors for his dad for the Republican primary election for Warren County district attorney.

For the races where no candidates were present, Eggleston drew the numbers.

There are three Republicans running for district attorney, and the order on the ballot is Ross McKeirnan, Greene, and Bernard T. Hessley. No Democrats filed in this race.

The two Republicans running for Warren City Council are John Lewis, who will be listed first, and James Zavinski Jr., who will be listed second.

The two Democrats running for Youngsville Borough Council are Douglas Peterson, who will be listed first, and Collette Nelson. second. On the Republican side, Eric Mineweaser will be listed first, Robert Olson, second, John Pollow, third; and Pamela Olewine, fourth. This is the only county race with candidates from both parties.

For races with only one or no names, no drawing was held.

There will be 179 elections throughout the county on May 21, and only 18 of those are being contested by two or more candidates. Two of those races have three or more candidates, and the remaining 16 have just two candidates.

Of those 18 races, only three are on the Democratic side Warren East inspector of elections, Youngsville Borough Council and Watson Township inspector of elections. The other 15 are on the Republican side.