Commissioners act on jail services, youth placement

Actions on jail services, children and youth placement and sidewalk work in Sugar Grove Borough were all approved during the Warren County Commissioners’ meeting Wednesday morning.

An agreement between the county with PA SAVIN was approved.

“We are required to have this, I believe,” Commissioner John Bortz pointed out.

Through the PA SAVIN system, victims of crime and their support networks are provided confidential notification on the release, transfer or escape of those convicted or accused and in custody for the crime which affected them.

Offenders under the supervision of county jails, state prisons or the Pennsylvania Board of Probation and Parole are included under PA SAVIN.

The commissioners passed a resolution transferring usage of fiscal year 2012 Community Development Block Grant funds from aiding Sugar Grove Borough residents with sewer system connections to sidewalk installation and replacement funding.

A total of $9,010 was transferred to fund sidewalk work on Jamestown Street in Sugar Grove.

An accompanying bid for the sidewalk contract was approved as well.

Innovative Construction and Mechanical, LLC., was awarded a contract to complete the approximately 4,000 square feet of sidewalk installation and replacement for $24,300.

Potential children and youth placement vendors not included in the original 2012-2013 provider list and accompanying rates were approved.

The county is required by law to approve a list of providers and accompanying contracts with potential rates.

“We may or may not use these,” Eggleston said. “It’s basically saying, ‘If we use you, this is what we’ll pay’.”

Approved providers and rates included:

Cambria County Juvenile Detention Center at a rate of $225 per day for each individual housed.

Glade Run Lutheran Services at a rate of $285.60 per day for each individual housed in a residential treatment facility and $181.75 per day for each individual housed in the girls or boys group home.

Summit School, Inc., at a rate of $129.92 per day for each individual in a residential program and $209 per day for each individual in a drug and alcohol program.

Community Specialists Corporation, providing initial 30 day diagnostic services for Summit School, at a rate of $159.98 per day for each individual in the male, juvenile offenders Knight diagnostic unit program and $199.75 per day for each individual in the female, juvenile offenders Sleepy Hollow residential program.