Our opinion: Ever a Scout

If there is one man who represents everything that is good and honorable about Boy Scouting, it is Dan Wolboldt.

And, this community is fortunate to know him and call him a neighbor.

The man just never seems to stop smiling when he is anywhere near a Boy Scout activity. For him, scouting isn’t just something you do for a while to be involved with the development of your children; it’s a lifestyle, a life-long commitment to nurturing boys in such a way that they become valuable members of their communities.

Here is a humble, simple man, who, through dedication and sheer joy, has made a difference in the lives of thousands of young men and boys.

His influence on people who now hold positions of leadership and high responsibility can’t be measured in numbers, can’t be plotted on charts and graphs. It shows up when his name is mentioned in the circles of those who have had the great good fortune to have known him.

And yet, if you ask Wolboldt why he spends the countless hours he dedicates to scouting, he’ll tell you it’s because he loves it. In fact, during an interview several years ago, he answered that question by smacking his lips and saying, “It’s like a really great meal.”

Last week we learned that Wolboldt has received a national leadership award from the Boy Scouts of America. A couple dozen fellow recipients will gather in Texas to receive their kudos and plaques, but Wolboldt won’t be there. An ordained minister, he’ll be busy doing something else he really enjoys, presiding over a wedding – he couldn’t just let those people down.

It is an extremely lucky man who can spend his life doing things he loves to do.

For Dan Wolboldt, the scouting awards and honors are secondary to the enjoyment he gets from earning them.

He is an extremely lucky man.