Shoes and boots

The Fraternal Order of Eagles 313 in Warren has conducted an annual Shoes and Boots program for elementary school students for over five years. Principals from Warren County elementary schools gather names of children that need footwear, listing school name, shoe size, and whether the child is a boy or girl. and give them to Shoe Sensations manager Heyci Golden, and she makes sure the shoes are available at 20 percent below sale prices. The Eagles pay for the shoes with funds raised during their Thursday Bingo games. This year, 101 pairs of shoes were handed out, with a discounted price of $6,415 and a retail price of well over $10,000. Looking over shoes are, from left, John Dickey, Eagles president; Randy Dickey, treasurer; Lewis Kirkpatrick, trustee; and Heyci Golden, store manager. In previous years, Eagles members did the footwork gathering the information, but this year Golden went the extra mile and handled the logistics.