77 Years Ago Tomorrow

Seventy-seven years ago this evening the snow began to fall, gaining momentum until it was coming down at a rate of two to three inches per hour by the next afternoon.

By noon on March 17, 1936, cars were bogged down in heavy snow, and bus and mail service was at a standstill as Warren was blanketed by more than 23 inches of heavy, wet snow.

A hangar at the Warren Airport collapsed, wrecking six airplanes, and cars on Pennsylvania Avenue were buried when snow plows plowed snow over their tops.

At the intersection of Market Street and Pennsylvania Avenue, one enterprising man was doing a good business with a team of horses towing cars out of the snow.

Ironically, the Warren Times-Mirror on March 15 carried an article on its back page headlined: “Winter Hasn’t Been So Tough, Records Show.”

The photograph above and information was provided to the Times Observer by Robert D. Silzle of Russell.