Sugar Grove zoning

Dear editor:

Coverage of the proposed rezoning in Sugar Grove has been very biased. Some people have been misquoted or pertinent information left out.

The Warren Zoning Ordinance states: to determine and regulate use of land and location. How can rezoning be deemed appropriate for an area if no one knows what that business is?

The ordinance also states: to protect and preserve natural resources, conserve and stabilize property values, preserve flood plains, scenic beauty, historical resources and small town atmosphere.

After hearing the issues, the Planning and Zoning Committee turned down the original 14 acres and recommended 2.75 Business Transitional. When presented to the Warren County Commissioners it changed to just under 4 acres Business with no public knowledge. Many citizens attending said the safety issues of no sidewalks and poor visibility were major factors for being voted down.

It’s been stated that some negative residents are opposed to business in Sugar Grove. Having a different viewpoint doesn’t mean someone is negative. It’s not about not wanting business, it’s about having business in an area that is appropriate and doesn’t disturb natural resources. There is property in Sugar Grove already zoned business that can accommodate business needs.

I was quoted “development would drop home values but that it wouldn’t affect us.” How would it not affect us and our residential neighbors?

I believe that business is needed in Sugar Grove. Businesses that offer full time and part time employment and benefits, and that pay more than minimum wage would be beneficial.

It has also been said that flooding is always an issue with rezoning in Sugar Grove. The latest FEMA maps show this. One neighbor adjacent to the proposed rezoned property has experienced this and I have seen it myself.

If this most recent rezoning request is approved for Business, it cannot go back to Residential which is what our side of the street has been for years. If the proposed rezoning property does not pass required testing then it will have been rezoned business for nothing. But business zoning would be established. It should not be about politics or money but about what’s best for the residents of Sugar Grove.

This could happen where you live.

Kristine Levis, Sugar Grove