Take a chance on portrait painting

For anyone who has ever thought about being immortalized in a painted portrait, now is your chance – literally – to do just that.

For a $10 donation, the giver’s name will be given a chance to be the subject of a portrait painting, painted by a professional portrait painter in a three-and-a-half hour session. The portrait will be finished “all at once” (in painter’s jargon, alla prima) in a demonstration that is open to the public. The sitter will go home with the result, a 20 x 20-inch oil painting of himself or herself worth $1500.

The Crary is sponsoring the portrait painting event by current exhibitor Luis Alvarez Roure on Sunday, March 24, from noon until about 4 p.m. The demonstration will be free, as is the exhibition itself. (“Figuratively Seeing” exhibition of works by Alvarez Roure and James Russell May is on view at the gallery through March 23.) But on Sunday’s event, visitors will not only get to see the art, but how it is created as well.

The artist, who lives in the greater New York City area, is returning to Warren to donate this effort to help the gallery.

Asked about the reason for his generosity, the artist states, “The Crary Art Gallery is doing exceptional work bringing art and artists from all over the country to the Warren community. I think art is a gift; it makes people’s lives happier. Artists have the responsibility to cultivate this gift, and to share it with others. I am excited to do a painting demonstration for the Gallery, since I will be able to share a bit of my process. If it helps students or other artists, I have shared my gift well.”

He will receive no fee for his work or the portrait. All proceeds from this fund-raising event will benefit the gallery, which is non-profit and completely volunteer-run.

People can have their name submitted for the drawing by giving a donation at the gallery, open Thursday through Sunday. The deadline for submissions will be Sunday, March 17.

And for those who have ever simply wondered how a portrait is painted, this is their opportunity as well. The doors are open to anyone who would like to see the painter in action, and they are welcome to come or go at any point up until the time the painting should be finished, between noon and 4 p.m. on March 24.