McDanel resigns from school board

If you live in Region III, and wish to serve on the school board, there is now an opening.

The Warren County School District’s board of directors accepted the resignation of member Nancy McDanel during Monday night’s meeting.

In a letter from McDanel, and read by Board President Arthur Stewart, significant family health concerns that require her to be in New Hampshire the majority of the time necessitated the resignation. Explaining that she will be a part-time resident of Warren County, McDanel wrote that she was not confident she would be able to meet the responsibilities of serving on the board.

She also said in the letter that she was appreciative of the support and confidence she received from the voters who elected her.

Stewart explained that it “generally takes a couple of years” for new members to becoming fully acquainted with their duties. “Nancy’s pace was much accelerated,” Stewart said, citing her as a critical member of the board.

He added that she “helped us in so many ways.”

The board unanimously approved a letter of thanks to be sent to McDanel for her service.

Stewart then asked Board Secretary Ruth Huck to explain how the vacancy can be filled.

“(We) will have to fill the vacancy within a 30-day period,” said Huck. She explained that the position can be appointed in one of two ways. Either the board can appoint someone outright or the board can advertise and interview applicants and then appoint one of them. The interviews are to be conducted in public session.

She said that because the vacancy occurred more than 60 days prior to the general election, the person who is appointed will only serve until the first Monday in December.

The position will be on the November ballot. Due to the deadline for entering in the primary election, Huck said the candidates in November will either have to mount write-in campaigns or have a local political party submit a nominating petition on their behalf.

Board member Tom Knapp made a motion that the board proceed through the interview process.

Board member Mary Ann Paris asked whether the candidate would have to come from Region III. Huck indicated that they would, cannot be a person serving in elected office, be at least 18 years of age and be a “citizen of good standing.”

Stewart proposed that interviews be held at 6 p.m. Monday, April 8, one hour before the April regular board meeting, with applicants to apply within the next two weeks.

The board voted unanimously to take the interview route.