State liquor stores

Dear editor:

Here we go again with another Gov. trying to privatize the state liquor stores. In the first, place, the selling of the liquor stores is not going to help education. The liquor stores are only going to be sold to “money people” because they are the only one’s that could afford them. Stop and think of all the millions of dollars that the liquor sales put in the State’s General Fund. Why put this money in the state’s bank when you could make some more “money people” richer? Again, the rich take care of the rich, at who expense?

If our Gov. wants to “really wants” to help Penna, then I suggest we get rid of that “stupid” amnesty law that lets people be two years behind in paying their taxes. Every year in June or July the Times Observer prints five or six pages of names of people who are behind in paying their taxes. Has anybody stopped and added up the total of the taxes due? This is only Warren County. What about the rest of the state? It is a known fact that the Warren County School District raises our taxes because they know they will not get anything from the “dead beats”. These people still get all of the services that the rest of us get in fire protection, police protection, roads plowed in winter, and here it is the “pay off.” Their children are getting an education.

The liquor sales puts money in the State “Coffers.” How much do back taxes put in any local government “Coffer.” If everybody paid their “fare share”, we wouldn’t have to go after churches, hospitals, etc. There would also be a lot of money going to the school district and we wouldn’t have to depend on Harrisburg so much.

I think this is called “common sense.” The liquor stores are not broke, so don’t try to fix them. Leave them alone, and go after the things that need to be fixed, instead of trying to make the rich get richer. “Common sense right?”

If I take my car to the garage to have the brakes worked on, I don’t think they are going to fix the “radiator” or some other part that doesn’t need fixing. Common sense right? Let’s use it.

Frederick Scalise