Our opinion: The white stuff

Yes, they are either the daughters of dairy farmers or somehow connected to the dairy industry, so you can expect them to have a soft-spot for milk, cheese, ice cream and the the whole gamut of what nutritionists refer to generically as dairy.

And yet, they have an important message to bring to all of us.

“They” are the members of the Warren County Dairy Court, and their exuberance for all things dairy is a testimony to the importance of that industry, not only for Warren County, but for the nation.

Unless you were cursed from birth with a specific dairy allergy, your first friend after your mom and dad was a cow. That white liquid gave you a protein, calcium and vitamin source virtually unmatched by anything else in nature.

It got to the point where you couldn’t imagine drinking anything else with a PB&J, and as an adult, the mere sight of chocolate cake makes you crave a tall, cold glass of full-fat milk.

Last week, that group of young women paid tribute to the industry that is an important part of the Warren County economy and a necessary component of our diet.

When America feeds the hungry and the homeless here and abroad a key component of what it provides has come from cows and through the work of farmers like those who tend their herds in Warren County.

We join these young women in giving them a nod of thanks for getting up in the darkness every morning and delay their dinners every night to bring us “nature’s most perfect food.’