Time for a change!

Do you ever get the feeling that it is time for a change? Most of us have indulged ourselves at least once looking for something better. The grass is always greener on the other side.

Take this weekend for instance. The change we are getting is that we lose an hour that we have to wait until fall to get back. With daylight savings time kicking in we go back to darker mornings, but the daylight lingers in the evening. People love to get home when there is still daylight.

I love morning so this spring thing is hard on me. I love to get up to sunshine or at least enough light so that I can see when I walk out to pick up my newspaper. Once again the youngsters leave for school in darkness.

Those of you who know me well know that I have been prone to forgetting to turn my clocks either back or ahead. Our minister gave us a heads up a few weeks ago that March 10 was the day that we would lose an hour. I always know when the change is to occur, I just forget about it when I go to bed.

I can recall twice that I missed going to church because I forgot to set the clocks. In the days that my husband had the cows he always said that the cows did not know the difference so he preferred to leave things the same. It took a few days before he eased into daylight savings time.

The children were young the first time I missed church. We attended church in Frewsburg. I got up at the usual time, then, woke the children so that we would not be late. We arrived at church just as everyone was leaving! Since Sunday school followed church up there the children did at least get to Sunday school.

The next time I missed church was an Easter Sunday when it was just my husband and me. By that time he did not have a full complement of cows. He did the chores and came home to get ready for church. We drove off the hill completely oblivious to our faux paux. The parking lot at church was full, but that was not unusual for Easter Sunday. We were used to arriving just in the nick of time. We got our surprise when we opened the front door to find people milling about talking. The minister greeted us as he passed on his way out to preach at our sister church. My church family often reminds me of this.

One year my daughter and her family forgot to set their clocks. When she arrived at the end of church, one of the church members commented, “Just like your mother. She missed church one Sunday, too.”

So much for the spring thing of turning your clocks ahead. Since I have been on my own I have done better. I change the clocks before I retire for the night. I have not missed a service in quite a while.

I do question the concept of daylight savings though. There are only so many hours of light each day. No matter what we do we cannot make any more. Why is it so important to get that extra hour at the end of the day instead of at the beginning of it? I believe that daylight savings started as a way to conserve electricity. Now we use the lights in the morning but leave them off a little longer in the afternoon. As far as I am concerned it is a wash.

As to the benefit for agriculture most farmers would tell you it that it does no good. It is simply one of those changes that we hold on to. My husband was not an early farmer. He commented that he could not get on the fields while there was dew on them, so why hurry to get things done in the morning. Basically he was rationalizing because he was a night owl and liked to stay up late, then, sleep in.

A pleasant change that I anticipate is the coming of spring. Although it officially begins toward the end of March, it could come a little early after all the groundhog did not see his shadow this year. The spring flowers are already bursting forth beneath the snow. I saw evidence of this the last time we had a thaw. As soon as the snow disappears everything will begin to grow.

My husband’s aunt really loved spring because she looked forward to her annual tonic of dandelion greens. For her eightieth birthday he gave her a dandelion in a pot a promise of another springtime for her to enjoy.

Another thing about spring is the Akeley Pancake Supper. This year it is on April 6. During this activity all of the members of the church come together to welcome the community to the Akeley United Methodist Church. We even have a list of patrons that request a post card so that they can save the date. A few years back I put an article about our little church in Country magazine. We got responses from all over including one from Florida. The people promised to be back in time to celebrate with us.

Spring is such an uplifting season with so much hope. It is the perfect time for the holiest of Christian days Easter. The message of Easter is hope. That is also the message of spring. All that has been at rest will burst forth with new growth. Spring green is something beautiful to behold, so is the resurrection of Jesus.

Embrace the season with all of the hope that it provides. Even with my allergies I still look forward to spring.

Ann Swanson writes from her home in Russell, PA. Contact at hickoryheights1@verizon.net