Sugar Grove tables aid request for BVSP

Municipal swimming pools have fallen on hard times as municipal budgets tighten.

Youngsville Borough, on behalf of the Brokenstraw Valley Swimming Pool, has sent letters to surrounding municipalities seeking financial support.

At its meeting Monday night, Sugar Grove Borough Council discussed the letter the borough received.

The letter explained that BVSP is enacting a new fee schedule, similar to the City of Warren, where non-residents will be required to pay higher fees. The letter asked for, at minimum, a $1,500 donation. In return, residents of Sugar Grove Borough would be able to receive resident prices for the upcoming season.

The letter claimed that Youngsville Borough is unable to continue to manage the “financial burden” of a municipal pool and explained that more pool passes are sold to out-of-borough residents.

Sugar Grove Borough Secretary Karla LoPresti told council that she sent a letter in response to Youngsville Borough asking how many residents of Sugar Grove Borough utilize the pool. A response was not available by the time of the meeting.

She explained that non-residents would be required to pay $120 for a family season pass of up to six people. Residents will pay $110 for a similar pass. Saving $10 per family, “We would have to have 150 families to go to cover (the donation),” she added.

Councilman Gregory Wilson raised the concern that he is uncertain whether one borough can make a charitable donation to another borough.

Councilman Pete Allenson suggested that for a $1,500 donation, the borough could purchase $1,500 in season passes to the pool and then work with local churches and potentially Sugar Grove Elementary School to identify needy families who the passes may help.

Ultimately, council tabled action, hopeful that additional information regarding borough resident use could be procured before action is taken.