Busti not moving quickly on plans

The residents of Sugar Grove Borough had better be prepared to sit back and be patient if they are truly planning on waiting for Busti, N.Y., to make the first move in terms of development.

According to Busti Town Supervisor Jesse Robbins, the town isn’t even close to making a decision as to which thoroughfare might begin to be developed. On top of that, the only development that Robbins is even aware of is a proposed sewer plant.

Asked about further development or which road it might occur on, Robbins simply replied, “That’s all news to me.”

In terms of the progress on the sewer plant, Robbins added, “We have been working on a comprehensive plan, but that’s as far as we’ve gotten so far. I hope we’re interested enough to move on at some point. We need to have the plan, it’s gaining, and that’s as far as we’ve gotten.”

When asked if there was a timeline or schedule for the plan, Robbins responded, “No timeline. I wish there was, but there’s not. We talked to them (about the sewer plant) two years ago or so, but the plan takes a long time to do. When we get that in place then we can see what kind of grant money we can get, but the citizens have to be on board.”