New trees coming to river

Pennsylvania Avenue is about to see some new growth.

Last fall, trees in the 400 block of Pennsylvania Avenue were removed as part of efforts to clear power lines. This spring, the City of Warren intends to replace them.

Tree removal extended along the riverbank side of the block from west of the Hickory Street Bridge to approximately the former railroad bridge across the Allegheny River.

“What happened was, last fall, Penelec had come in and cut about 20 trees,” Director of Public Works Mike Holtz said. “We received a lot of comments when those trees went down.”

According to Holtz, the city usually removes stumps left as a result of that sort of cutting by grinding. Grinding however, leaves parts of the stump in the ground, which is an obstacle that can impede new tree growth. As a result, the city has a different plan for the area.

“We want to have an excavator come in and clear the stumps,” Holtz said. “Leave a nice, clear planting site.”

Replacing the trees, according to Holtz, is a proposition which won’t require extra expenditure.

“The city traditionally uses some funds for planting every year,” Holtz said.

Those funds can be used for the tree replacement.

To replace the trees, the city is working with City Arborist Bruce E. Robinson, Inc., from Jamestown, N.Y.

“We’re going to try to plant at least 20 trees,” Holtz said. “We’re hoping to get these planted by the end of April.”