Property in Sheffield may soon be razed

A blighted property in Sheffield Township was forwarded to the Warren County Redevelopment Authority by the Warren County Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday, but plans are developing to demolish the structure.

The property at 101 1/2 Hall Street is owned by Jack and Jennifer Hackley. It includes a small abandoned house on the northern corner of the intersection at Hall St. and 1st St.

County Planner Dan Glotz said the Sheffield Township Supervisors “had received complaints about this structure earlier in the year (2012).”

A nuisance violation letter was sent last May, but the supervisors did not move forward with filing a report with the county Blighted Property Committee until October, giving the “owner time to lay out a solution,” said Glotz.

At a meeting held on Nov. 5 last year, the supervisors passed a resolution of blight against the property. “The township, following the event there was no action, then forwarded (the property) to the Blighted Review Committee,” he added.

At a Feb. 21 meeting of the committee, which the owners did not attend, the property was declared blighted and forwarded to the Planning Commission.

At that meeting, it was noted that the structure has been deemed an attractive nuisance to children, dilapidated, unsafe, unsanitary and a fire hazard. The utilities have been disconnected or removed and the property is an unoccupied or unimproved lot. Taxes on the property, however, are not delinquent.

“It’s gone through the channels of the township and the Blighted Property Review Committee,” Glotz said.

“(We) have gotten two estimates on how to tear it down,” Jennifer Hackley explained. “By the end of May, we would like to have it done and taken care of there.”

Glotz said that the property could be forwarded to the Redevelopment Authority with a timeline, but commission member Paul Pascuzzi said that forwarding the property to the RDA would provide sufficient time for the RDA to work with the property owners to resolve the issue.

The Planning Commission unanimously approved forwarding the property to the RDA.