Our opinion: This time, a chorus

Want a sure-fire way to garner favor with someone?

Offer them a couple million bucks.

For a couple million bucks just about anyone will have your back.

The top administrator and the top board member of the Warren County School District had Gov. Tom Corbett’s back last week – literally – when he brought his campaign to privatize the liquor business in Pennsylvania to Erie.

Corbett, who has been trying to privatize booze for the past few years with little success, hit on a special incentive this time, giving most of the proceeds of the sales of liquor stores and licenses to school districts across the state in the form of block grants for the four years it takes to divest the business and get rid of that pesky union.

So, it should come as no surprise then that Warren County School Board President Arthur Stewart and Interim school district Superintendent Amy Stewart stood shoulder-to-shoulder with other school board officials from around the region as the governor made his pitch.

Had Corbett promised the money for animal protection, the podium would have been populated with peekapoos and tabby felines.

It’s not hard to buy affection when you’re tossing around the kind of dough the governor is.

We don’t remember this particular Greek chorus shilling for Corbett two years ago when he cut the state’s basic education subsidy by millions of dollars. Admittedly that sort of action doesn’t lend itself to road shows.

Nevertheless, we suppose we’ve received our answer, at least indirectly, from the school district as to whether its board and/or its administration is backing the liquor privatization proposal.

We’re just wondering what the governor will sell next; the state health centers perhaps, and promise the proceeds to protecting the Second Amendment. That should draw a crowd.