Shell Appalachia donates to Morrison Trail project

Penn Soil RC&D Council announced today the receipt of a $3000 donation from the Shell Oil Company in support of the Morrison Trail Improvement Project.

Wes Ramsey, executive director of Penn Soil RC&D, a local 501-c3 not for profit organization, and Bill Massa, special projects coordinator of the Allegheny Outdoor Club, accepted the contribution from Amanda Peterson, administrative assistant, for Shell Appalachia. “We are pleased to tell you that Shell Exploration & Production Company would like to make a donation to Penn Soil RC&D and to the Allegheny Outdoor Club in sponsoring the Morrison Trail Upgrade project, and we ask that you accept this check in the amount of $3000 in support of the project, ” said Peterson.

According to Massa, “This Allegheny Outdoor Club-sponsored project entails refurbishing one of the most popular hiking trails of the Allegheny National Forest. In two previous work projects, the first approximately 2000 feet of this section was completed in 2009, and 2011. This third phase of the project will complete the upgrade from the parking area on Route 59 to the point where the trail splits at a large rock, a total of one-half mile.”

The proposed work consists of building up or elevating the trail surface thus eliminating the problem of a wet, rutted trail surface that has existed for many years due to poor drainage. This adverse condition has resulted in trail users finding alternate areas to walk on other than the designated trail location that only added to the problem area.

Gravel will be overlaid on double-woven geotextile material to elevate the trail tread.

Project partners are the members of the Allegheny Outdoor Club who will provide volunteer labor to the project and who assisted with the necessary fundraising to purchase materials, the U.S. Forest Service providing technical guidance and project oversight, and Penn Soil RC&D Council serving as the 501-c-3 fiscal agent for the Allegheny Outdoor Club, and assisting with fundraising for the project.

“This contribution from Shell Appalachia on top of a previous donation of $1000 from The American Refining Group of Bradford completes the funding needed for renting the necessary equipment and purchasing materials for this phase of the project” said Ramsey. “The work improvements on the trail should take about a week once suitable construction conditions exist this spring” said Massa.