They’re Back

The pothole problem in Warren is back and the Department of Public Works is doing everything it can to remedy it.

“It’s just that time of the year,” Mike Holtz, director of Public Works for Warren, said on Monday. “The freeze-thaw cycle is starting to take hold. One day it’s in the teens and low 20s, the next day it can be raining and in the high 30s. Once the frost really starts coming out of the ground is when we start seeing them (potholes).”

Motorists traveling through the city have undoubtedly noticed the abundance of small craters especially in the downtown area and several have begun to speak out.

“We have received quite a few calls regarding the potholes in the past week or week and a half,” said Holtz. “Generally the areas that tend to get the most calls are the ones with the most traffic volume. We have several potholes on Third (Avenue) and Fifth (Avenue) and a lot in the downtown area.”

Crews have been out three of the five days of the week, weather permitting, to cold-patch the potholes as they see them and whenever they receive a call, according to Holtz. “We have at least one or two teams out, depending on the availability of people,” he added.

Despite the city’s efforts, a number of potholes continue to emerge due to heavy traffic along several of the main streets, including a number along Market Street, Second Avenue and Third Avenue.

“We have a crew out proactively, canvassing the town and filling any holes we see, but if you see a hole that has been there for a number of days, please don’t hesitate to call,” added Holtz.

To report a pothole that has remained untreated for several days, call 723-6300.